Connecting to and using My Pages (either on-campus or off) -- OSX (Video Tutorial)

Connecting to and using My Pages (either on-campus or off) -- Windows (Video Tutorial)

Bare Bones Guides to HTML

HTML Dog -- Tutorials

Creative Commons -- Search Page

Sample Home Page for Danah Boyd and the html file with border set to 1

TextWrangler -- a text editing tool for the Mac


Autocartography Powerpoint Slides/Handout

Google Earth Outreach Tutorials

Google Earth Help

Google Earth v5 Tutorials

Youtube Video Tutorials by jmwjr98(especially #4 & #5) and RadfordEducation

Annotating Google Earth

KML Tutorial

KML Reference

Creating an Immersive User Experience in Google Earth

Embeddable Web Audio Player

Tutorial: Create Narrated Tours with KML Touring

Advanced KML Editing Tutorials from Soupbo: Part I and Part II

Richard's MyPages Autocartography Links

Embedding HTML within HTML - original post here
<iframe frameborder="0" border=0 width="800" height=600
src="index.html" name=iframe scrolling=yes
style="position:absolute;" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

- Just replace "index.html" with your desired web address, but keep the " ". You can change the width and height values.

Embedding MultiMedia in Google Earth
the second code on the page is perfect for audio files!
*NOTE: This does not work with newer versions of Google Earth*

Embedding Google Earth into HTML
all you need to do is place your .kml file in your pages folder and insert that link where it calls for it. Check the boxes you want, generate your code and paste it into any .html page and you're set! The only down side at the moment is that I cannot figure out how to get videos and audio to work. Images and text work just fine.

ipadio phonecasting: for creating audio files (a.k.a. "phlogs") by means of a phone call


Porpentine's List of Twine Resources

Twine Tips for Beginners

Twine CSS (Sugarcane Edition)

Vimeo Tutorials by the creator of Twine, Chris Klimas

A Twine Tutorial (made in Twine!) by Ryan Casey

Anna Anthropy's "How To Make Games With Twine"


Richard's Interactive Fiction links -- links to classic games as well as source code and help files for the works of Emily Short.

Introduction to IF

Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7 -- Official Companion Site to the Book

Inform 7 Home Page

Inform7 Handbook for Beginners by Jim Aiken

Stephen Granade's Brass Lantern Tutorial: "Write A Text Adventure with Inform 7"

Granade Tutorial: Inform Code Template

Google Group for Interactive Fiction

Richard's (Very) Informal Guide to IF Authoring

Game transcripts for Lost Pig, Violet, and Gardening

A Day for Fresh Sushi: game file and code file.

Advanced Graphics for IF7.

Sand-dancer Extensions:


Augmented reality software -

Craig Freeman's Augmented Reality Wiki