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We stand at a moment of transition in communicative practices whose equivalent can only be found in the invention of the alphabet and the printing press in terms of the social, political, and cultural effects that it will bring about. Using the apparatus theory of Gregory L. Ulmer to better understand this moment, students will engage in exploring the frontiers of these new media formats with the goal of exploiting their full communicative potential. Wikis are one of the new tools that promise to transform the way we communicate, as is already evident by the popular success of Wikipedia.

We will use this wiki to develop together a working vocabulary of key terms as well as an annotated bibliography of key articles (a list of choices will soon be available). You are welcome to add to the wiki anything of potential interest to other class members and/or those interested in interactive media. Be sure to use the discussion tab to debate any potentially controversial changes. Contributions will count toward your participation grade.

There'll be more to come as the weeks unfold.

We will take the following survey during class, so please wait until then:
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