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Spreadable Media is a theory and term coined by Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford and Joshua Green.

Spreadable Media addresses and highlights key terms, points and issues for media scholars, communication professionals, and people actively creating and sharing media content who are interested in how the media industries - and our culture(s) - are changing as a result. - (ix, Jenkins).

This theory is about the multiple ways that content circulates today. This is not the historical thought of "circulation" that has concerned publishers, it is an emerging hybrid model of circulation.

Spreadable Media
The above link will lead you to a growing collection of essays outside of the book "Spreadable Media"

Here is a link to the panel discussion that Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford and Joshua Green gave at SXSW this year. I tried to get to this talk but the line was a 4 hour wait! Unbelievable, shows you that these guys know what they are talking about:
Spreadable Media SXSW Panel

Here is a NYT article on Jenna Marbles. Although, Jenna's content is not leveled with my taste pallet I think it is a good example of the concept of "Spreadable Media." Jenna, I would like to note, is not as uneducated as she comes off in her videos. She holds a master's in psychology from BU.

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