This is the conventional way to access a blog: go to it and check to see if there's a new post. So I'll list all of the blogs for the current VM606 students here, but for a much more efficient way of accessing these blogs, see below for RSS (and try to add a widget with your "feed" by following the instructions below).

Seera Akra:
Ivana Dedic:
Katherine Esquilin:
Pierre Huberson:
Ashanti Mason-Chambers:
Richard Smyth:

CLASSROOM BLOGS VIA RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is a great way to syndicate/aggregate a lot of content into one place. Rather than have to jump around to a variety of websites to keep up with new content, RSS feeds allow you to keep tabs on recent posts and continuing changes.

*Note: This doesn't seem to work for Emerson blogs (because of the need to log in). It only seems to work with outside blogs.

To add your RSS feed to this page, you'll first need a blog (wordpress, blogger, Emerson pages, etc.) that offers a "feed" URL (web address). Be sure to add the feed for the blog that you'll be using to do our classroom work under the "CLASSROOM BLOGS" section, and feel free to add feeds for your other blogs that you want to share with the class under the "PERSONAL BLOGS" section.
  • Once you have set up your blog, you should be able to find a link to the RSS feed. Below is an example from the Emerson blogs: it says "Subscribe to this blog's feed."


  • On a PC, right-click on the feed link and choose "Copy link location." On a Mac, ctl-click and choose "Copy link."
  • Log in to the VM606 wikispaces site (which you are reading now).
  • Click on the "edit" tab on the right upper-hand corner of this page.
  • Find your name below, and place your cursor beneath your name.
  • In the "editor" toolbar floating at the top of the page, click on the "Embed widget" icon (which looks like a TV) and select the RSS FEED option.
  • Follow the screen prompts (mainly pasting your RSS URL into the "Feed URL" field) and customize how your feed will display on the page. The feed URL should look something like this:


  • To make it look like Richard's, choose the following options:


  • Click on "Embed RSS Feed" and you're good to go!

(Leave your name in place above the feed, because your blog may be titled something other than your name.)


Richard (twitter)


    Evan - personal blog

      The Electrate Professor
      Nathaniel Film Stuff
      Nathaniel Hansen – Filmmaker
      Jon - Brewster Productions


          Amy DePaola
          Red Gypsy
          Loudon Stearns

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