Use this page to brainstorm ideas, record progress, identify tasks, assign duties, and in any other way necessary to complete the project.


Well, as agreed let's keep it short. 2 minutes per person. Everyone presents the part he/she contributed the most with.

Ivana and Ashanti - Content production
Seera and Katie - Web Design and Graphics
Pierre - Editing

Intro Notes:
Record all 5 of us doing random acts it will suffice as the intro. It will be separated into 5 different screens and before each answer the question being asked will appear. The Outro will be a short video with the 5 of us holding up cards with a corny saying.


If we are fortunate during the excursion of life, we will be granted the opportunity to interact with distinctive individuals from various walks of life. The Existential Project is designed to share the perspectives of five socially and culturally different individuals as they address simple questions providing both perspective and experience.


1.What makes one want to defend his point of view/perspective/opinion? and should one do it? If yes, then who and why?
2.What would you consider your "mission statement" in life to be?
3.What are your first 5 priorities in life? and why?
4.How do you want to be remembered?
5.Describe an experience that has caused you to fundamentally change an outlook or point of view that you previously held.

Please keep 1 minute time per answer. This way we will have 25 minutes which is a lot of material to work with regarding the time we have to finish it.

Coordinate between yourselves to schedule shootings.
All shootings have to be done by Friday 04/12 and left to Pierre's office for montage process.
Contact him accordingly for that matter.

Ashanti - Wednesday - 5:30
Seera - Wednesday 4
Ivana - Wednesday 4.30
Katie - Wednesday 3.45