This page archives work by students from previous semesters.

Spring 2010
For details on the collaborative project assignment from Spring 2010, see the syllabus.

The following trailer is a live demo of the immersive education space built in Second Life by the students in VM606 (Spring 2010) and debuted on April 22, 2010. Thanks to Evan Leek for recording, editing, and posting.

Spring 2013

Students created a "Social Media Poem" using our own content and submissions from a larger community in response to the Marathon bombing, which occurred during our planning for this project.

The Hastag for collecting media is: #KeepRunning
The Twitter Account is: @EmersonRuns
This was used to collect public content; people can create content with this hashtag to contribute to the poem.

The Tumblr Account is:
This is a space curated by VM606 students using their own content as well as publicly submitted content.

This Soundcloud group was created to collect audio submissions: